Deneholme is green

When placing a booking with us you can be confident that you are making a contribution to support community led regeneration in the North Pennines through our landlord, the Fawside Foundation.

 Underpinning our restoration of Deneholme has been a series of renewable energy measures that include:

  • The installation of a ground source (geothermal) heat pump providing environmentally sustainable central heating.
  • Hot water is provided by means of solar panels and we also make use of ‘passive solar gain’ by means of a glazed sunroom.
  • Wood stoves which are fuelled by timber harvested under conservation woodland management programmes.
  • Rainwater is harvested and used to flush the toilets.
  • Sheep fleece insulation by locally farmed Herdwick sheep.

_wsb_638x165_Green+policyIn addition we recycle as much of our waste as possible, we seperate glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, cloth material and food waste and dispose of it either on site (compost for food waste, wood fires for paper), off site (glass bank, plastic etc) or through the council’s rubbish collection. We encourage our guests to follow the same recycling procedures when they are at Deneholme.

Energy consumption is vital, so we turn off the heating when there are no guests on site (and Linda has to wear three jumpers in the office) and also ask guests and staff to turn off lights in unused rooms.

Please do help us to reduce our carbon footprint when you are staying at Deneholme by following those guidelines.